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H2O Capital, founded in 2000, provides value-driven, trust-worthy, independent and practicable advice and services to its clients to help them achieve their objectives. H2O Capital’s management consulting services, especially in the area of finance and marketing, have helped sovereign and corporate entities in Asia Pacific and countries around the Indian Ocean. Built on the foundation of trust and professionalism, H2O Capital has attained a reputation as a company that delivers premium returns to its clients. We have assisted our clients to identify and capitalize on their most important business opportunity by providing customized solutions and services.

At H2O Capital, our approach is to create value by leveraging on our industry-specific expertise and our extensive network of regional and global business alliances in meeting our client’s strategic business goals.

Our philosophy centers on growing and increasing value for our shareholders and business alliances.

Value, based on TRUST is the essence of our professional commitment to all our stakeholders.

H2O Capital’s uniqueness and differentiation come from its:

  1. Belief in earning its clients’ trust to enable it to fully understand and deliver on its clients’ needs.
  2. Belief in providing advice and directions, which its clients can truly use to deliver tangible results.
  3. Focus on small to mid-cap private and publicly listed companies in Asia especially in ASEAN, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.
  4. Versatile, internationally experienced and culturally sensitive partners, consultants and associates who speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Spanish and Malay. The team at H2O Capital has an accumulated 100+ years of deep experience across different industries.

H2O is universally known as the chemical symbol for water. In choosing this as its name, H2O Capital’s partners aim to benchmark water’s characteristics to deliver liquidity, adaptability, consistency, longevity, comprehensiveness and strength of suppleness to meet all of their clients’ need.

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